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Pepe the Bulldog

This September session was a particularly memorable one. Pepe was super excited for the shoot and so was Pepe’s human Katy. She had just picked up Pepe from the groomer’s when we met up at the D & R Canal, one of those hidden jems in New Jersey that make you go, “Wow, this is in Jersey?” About a half hour into the shoot, we decided to go into the bike trail to snap some pics. In order to do that we had to cross a path next to the shallow canal. Pepe got a little too close to the canal and all I heard was a *PLOP*SPLASH* sound. As I turned around I found that Pepe had fallen into the canal! She was promptly pulled out of the water and for a split second we lamented over the fact that Pepe’s shiny new coat was ruined. We then proceeded to burst out into laughter over the irony of the situation. The rest of the time was spent with me and my rolled up jeans in the river and Pepe just loving the water.

Here is Pepe pre-canal giving a little wink:

And after:

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